So what if it is raining?

It's raining outside and everything stops, everybody just wanna sleep, or they are too lazy to do stuff, or it's mud outside, or "Oh, what am i gonna do now..". Let us say that we no longer can enjoy comfort of our home or car, what would you do? Go outside on rain and enjoy! Walking on rain can have great therapeutic effect. Rain inspire and refresh us.

What do you need?

  • Simple raincoat that protects you from rain, it's about 500rsd, and you can use it multiple times! And umbrella, if you fancy carrying one.
  • Fruit. Something with lots of vitamins.
  • Spare socks, if you get carry on :) And a t-shirt, just in case.
  • Bottle of water and something sweet to boost your energy.
  • Tissues and wet wipes. There will be some leaking noses.
  • Something to sit on, blanket or something like that.
  • And if you are really going for it, bring hot tea or coffee in thermos :)

Next, you need to plan your hiking route. Thick forest is great choice, but if you are in town than go thru buildings, you're probably gonna see some great street art. If you are in forest, always first hit tree in front of you, or you will be wet in less than two minutes :) Anyway, rain and mud should not stop us from having fun! Everything can be washed and cleaned. All equipment can fit in one backpack.

The Prodigy / Belgrade '95

And yes! You can see rainbow when it's raining.
Do you have any idea on how to have fun outside when it's raining, contact us :)