Animal Welfare Act

In Serbia there is a law on animal welfare which describes how we should treat animals and sanctions that are to be applied if we don't respect that law. The law is very short and you can read example here: zakon-o-dobrobiti-zivotinja.pdf.
Among other things, the Act states:

Article 2:

Animal Welfare, which is regulated by this law, refers to animals that can feel pain, suffering, fear and stress, and in particular to:

  1. Animals used for production purposes;
  2. Animals used in scientific research, biomedical and educational purposes;
  3. Animals used for exhibitions, competitions, events and other forms of public presentation;
  4. Animals for work and service animals;
  5. Pets;
  6. Lost animals;
  7. Wild animals in captivity.

Therefore, animals do have fealing!

Article 3:

Duty of every citizen of the Republic of Serbia is to prevent and report to the Ministry in charge of veterinary issues (hereinafter: the Ministry) or the ministry responsible for internal affairs, all forms of animal abuse and endangering their lives, health and well-being.

We are all legally obliged to do what we should like people! And not things like this: Serbia: Abuse of Stray Animals Continues

Article 5:

46) Religious slaughtering is the kind of slaughtering that is carried out in facilities for slaughter of animals (slaughterhouses) in accordance with the religious rituals of a religious community registered in the Republic of Serbia, with the prior consent of the religious community;

What is religious slaughter? And who gives us right to do it? Do we organize religious slaughter in slaughterhouses? Or do we justify all slaughter with consent of religious communities?

34) stun is mandatory procedure that is conducted prior to slaughter or detention of animal life, which put animal in unconscious state;

Is stun mandatory procedure? See Article 28 for details ... :(

Main objective of this action was to draw attention to the problem of animal abuse and justifying those actions by religious customs or material conditions. Those are not excuses! Animals have feelings and can often be best friends with humans. If we could learn to be better to them we could be better to each other.
We asked for opinion all political parties in Serbia (well at least the ones we could get email addresses of, that is 44). After one month and one two emails from us, we recived only 5 answers from:

  • The Communist Party of Serbia
  • Pirate Party of Serbia
  • Reformist Party
  • Socialist Movement
  • Social Democratic Movement

We would like to qoute a part of an email from Reformists:

... The topic you have started is essential and as such requires wide debate. I personally belive that we can be better people if we learn to treat animals and nature with respect, as well as the fact that tolerance of violence against animals creates huge risk (I would say almost certainly) in creation of an extremely violent generation. ...
As well as part of email from Communist party:
... before I answer your questions, allow me to refer an objection. Namely, in title of your email stands part "Srbistan". If you are familiar with history of Serbia you know that this term was used in the era of Turkish occupation of Serbia, and continuation "stan" means "Turkish colony". As we have been free for almost two centuries, I think the use of term "Srbistan" is inappropriate. ...

To sum up: The government has prescribed the laws that are not respected and they don't seem to be interest in that. We justify bad actions with even worse excuses. We're losing the image of what makes us really different from animals - HUMANITY!
In the Netherlands there is a party for animals which deals exclusively with these issues, see more here: And if you want to see what kind of response we had passed on the issue, see here: